Admission Policy

International School – Zurich North is open to parents who wish to provide their children with a truly exceptional international English-medium education.

The School maintains a non-discriminatory admission policy and admissions are accepted and welcomed throughout the year. ISZN seeks to admit students whose academic, personal, social, and emotional needs can be met by the school’s programmes and services, and who can be fully integrated into a mainstream classroom.

Steps for Admission

Step 1:

To begin the application process, contact the office and make an appointment for an interview and to visit the premises. Witnessing the students in action is informative and allows visitors to witness the curriculum being taught, observe the warm atmosphere within the school and have any questions that they may have regarding relocation and other issues, answered in person.

Step 2:

An admission form should be completed and submitted. All necessary documentation, including previous school records if available, should be submitted with the application form.

Step 3:

The first six weeks of school attendance are probationary and during this period the suitability of courses can be assessed by teachers, student and parents, and adjustments made to best meet the child’s needs. Until the lapsing of this trial period, placement is provisional.

Trial Days

Trial days are offered by the school and are a very advantageous and important option for students if they or their parents are unsure as to whether integration into the ISZN classes and system will be successful. Trial days highlight very quickly for all involved if the placement should be pursued.

Primary Age Requirements

Parents may consider enrolling their child in Nursery, if their son or daughter is 3 years old and toilet trained. Children who turn 4 on or before September 30th are welcome to begin Pre-Kindergarten and 5-year-olds may join Kindergarten. Students begin Grade 1 when they are 6 years old (on or before September 30th).


ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
This year ISZN celebrates its 20th anniversary...


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