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Terms & Conditions

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees include all charges except:

  • Charges resulting from overnight excursions
  • Student bus service
  • Some Co-Curricular Activities
  • Home Learning Club
  • Special academic tutoring / extended learning support
  • Individual music lesson
  • After School Care (ASC)
  • Lunch

Payment of Fees

The fees shall be paid half-yearly or quarterly in advance. Monthly invoices are possible, however, there is a small surcharge. School records cannot be issued until all outstanding balances have been settled.

Additional Services

The school has the right to declare EAL/Special Education as mandatory. Any additional service is not included in the School fee or in the Corporate Agreement Fee. The payer of the invoice will be informed beforehand about these costs.


Parents are expected to obtain health, accident and liability insurance for their children. The School does not provide accident or liability insurance coverage for students.


ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
This year ISZN celebrates its 20th anniversary...


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