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Our highly qualified multinational Staff have taught in over 20 countries and bring an impressive range of qualifications and experience with them as well as speaking more than a dozen different languages (between them).

Cumulatively our teachers have literally hundreds of years of classroom experience, but we still regularly study educational theory and practice both by distance learning and through training courses to keep our skills up to date.

The language of instruction throughout the school is English. The only exceptions are our language courses which are taught by native speaker German and French teachers respectively.

In addition to our teachers, we also employ a substantial support staff of learning assistants, office staff, drivers, cleaners, caterers and so on. You may not see us all, but we all have vital jobs to do as part of the ISZN team.


School Management

Daniel Sarbach

Daniel Sarbach


Daniel Sarbach is the Director of the School and is in charge of the Business side. He holds an MBA as well as an Executive Master of Civil Crime Investigation. Daniel has a solution to every challenge, be it little or small. He is a fast thinker and speaker with a kind heart. In his spare time he enjoys working out and spending time with his family.

Karin Sarbach

Karin Sarbach

Head of School

Karin Sarbach is the Head of School here at ISZN. As Karin is a trained medical doctor, she spends part of her day at the school and the other part she works in a shared medical practice. She has helped build the school from day 1 and her skills as a mother, humanitarian and doctor are essential and very much needed. When she is not busy working at the school and as a doctor she likes to spend time with her family, hiking and playing music.

Jane Hollands

Jane Hollands

Head of Primary, PYP Coordinator

Jane is a British, Australian and who considers ‘home’ to consist of destinations located in Europe, Asia and Australia respectively. A keen cricketer and the owner of the school dog, she can often be found taking on roles throughout the school that may not be immediately considered as traditional given her job titles.

She has been teaching internationally for the past 24 years and has focused especially on the Primary Years Programme for the past 12 years. Jane has taught a wide variety of subjects and year levels and taken on a number different responsibilities throughout her career. She approaches each day as a new opportunity for both herself and those around her to learn something new or make new meaning from the world around us. Jane considers herself to be a lifelong learner and knows that the day she stops learning will be her last in schools.

She is currently enjoying her sixth year at ISZN. Jane hopes to see regular examples of action from our students, affirming their progress towards becoming the internationally minded, global citizens that she aims for them to become.


Wendy Share
Monika Beano
Joan Bouvard
Ingrid Willemse
Anna Bernadas
Byrne Michelle
Sigrid Söldner
Rebecca Balshaw
Matthew Karamanukian
Lars Vignaes
Elizabeth Walters
Dermot Kelly
Leif Sjöberg
Iris Schwenter
Edgar Fontes
Claire Lilywhite
Cecile Meintjes
Myriam Spichtig
Juanita Bromley
Sandrine Guerin
Isobel McLaren
hannah Raines
Ayeisha Darvas


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