Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

CCAs consist of various after school clubs, sports and other activities that are organized throughout the year. They are planned to compliment and extend the students’ learning, by giving them opportunities to work with different teachers, different students and age groups and in different settings. We strive to offer a broad range of activities, to ensure a number of options and experiences are available to each of the age groups. CCAs give students, teachers and parents, a chance to work together in a collaborative setting. It is a time for new knowledge and skills to be gained, whilst developing new peer relationships.

These activities vary with the change of seasons. They are offered on a first come, first served basis and there is usually a small fee to cover entrance fees, materials and transportation.

CCAs that have been recently offered include:

  • Animation Domination
  • Cricket
  • Runners club
  • Forest Fun
  • Photography
  • Basketball
  • Graphic Design and Art Around the World
  • Upcycling
  • Football
  • Yoga
  • French Beginners
  • Choir
  • Dance for Kindness
  • Forensic Club
  • Body Sculpt


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