School Infrastructure

Canteen and Lunch

ISZN is pleased to offer a daily hot lunch service and many of our families take advantage of this convenient service. We support our community by using a local caterer who provides nutritious freshly prepared meals, complete with bread and vegetables or fruit, daily.

Students may prefer to bring in their own lunches which they eat in the lunchroom. A fridge for lunch storage is provided as well as several microwaves for heating the meals, and everyone has access to fresh drinking water.

Our lunchroom staff and the teachers supervise and help the children during their mealtime.

At ISZN, we emphasize the importance of healthy eating habits and we kindly ask parents not to provide sweets, chocolates, chips (crisps), popcorn or sugared/caffeinated drinks.

ISZN Canteen


ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
This year ISZN celebrates its 20th anniversary...