School Infrastructure

School Library, a world of learning

With over 15000 titles in our school libraries and a choice of materials that is constantly growing, our students are able to find extensive options for both their research needs and reading pleasure. We have a plethora of English titles available, and many shelves containing books in German and other languages, and thus our libraries meet all of the needs of our culturally diverse student body.

All Primary classes have library sessions once a week to encourage a passion for reading! This is further supported in class with guided reading sessions and of course, our children are always able to take a book home to continue their enjoyment.

Another option for students in choosing and ordering books from the Scholastic Book Club which they are able to do by browsing through the catalogs with are provided several times a year. This is a wonderful and convenient way to order high-quality English books at very reasonable prices.


ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
This year ISZN celebrates its 20th anniversary...