6 Reasons to Enroll Your Kid at ISZN

6 reasons to choose ISZN
Are you searching best schooling options for your kid? If you are looking for a school with international and multicultural exposure, then you should consider an international private school in Switzerland. However, the question arises, which school to consider? This question is of extreme importance because Switzerland is home to many international schools. International School – Zurich North (ISZN) is one such multicultural international school in Zurich, which you can consider for your kid. Why this school? Read the post to get an answer.
6 Reasons to Study at ISZN
The following are some reasons why ISZN can be a better choice than several other private international schools in Switzerland.

  1. Authorized Center for IB Primary Years Programme (PYP):
The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a globally recognized educational programme for young students in the age group 3-12. This programme is designed to inculcate essential skills in students. It aims to make students’: thinkers, inquirers, communicators, risk takers, principled, knowledgeable, caring, well-balanced, principled, and reflective. ISZN has received authorization from the International Baccalaureate to offer this program.

  1. A Level Qualifications That Opens Door to Global Success:
At ISZN, international curriculum like Cambridge IGCSE and AS and A levels is followed:
  • Cambridge IGSCE is recognized at world’s leading universities, and employers worldwide. This is one of the most effective curricula designed for 14-16-year olds. At ISZN, IGSCE curriculum is followed in grades 9 and 10. In grade 10, students are examined on the basis of their knowledge, skills, and understanding.
  • Cambridge International AS & A Levels are followed at grades 11 and 12. The syllabuses help foster independent and rational thinking skills in students. Cambridge International AS & A levels are recognized by most Universities around the world.

  1. A Place for International Friendships:
There are very rare international private schools in Switzerland that can boast of a large multicultural student community like ISZN. Currently, the school hosts students from 30 countries. This indicates there are all chances that your kid has a classmate, and a study partner from Japan, Spain, USA, and most countries in Europe, and Asia continent. No doubt, your kid’s years at the school will be steeped in deep multiculturalism.

  1. Exposure to World Languages:
As discussed previously, your kid will grow up with students from all over the world. At school, English is the medium of instruction, and all four Swiss national languages are followed - Romansch, German, French, and Italian. In addition to that, your kid can improve his/her linguistic skills while interacting with other multicultural kids at the school.  

  1. Highly Qualified Teaching Staff:
At ISZN, the teaching staff is highly qualified and native English speakers with international exposure. Also, they have in-depth knowledge of several world languages and cultures. These experiences have made the school popular with multicultural community in Zurich.  

  1. Excellent Campus Facilities:
There are two buildings on the school campus. One building houses primary students, and the other is for secondary students. Additionally, the campus houses several multipurpose halls, well-equipped laboratories for computer and science education, a spacious cafeteria, and playground. In addition to the above-mentioned, there are several other reasons, why studying at ISZN can be a life turning experience for your kid.