Charity Food Drive

No one has ever become poor by giving.” Anne Frank

As parents and teachers, at the forefront of our desire for our children and students it that they will grow into compassionate human beings who are moved by the sufferings of others. Hand in hand with such empathy must be an appreciation for the great privilege that we enjoy daily and so a spirit of gratefulness is also vital to instil from a young age. But how does one achieve this in the very young and ‘not so young’ person?

Most children are naturally empathetic and this can be evidenced in the way that they care for their peers and show love to others, but we can still encourage them to practice their kindness and compassion as they grow more aware of the world around them and the experiences of others.

In an article by Deborah Salazar Shapiro, she suggests ways in which empathy can be encouraged by families and teachers, beginning with ‘Starting Small’ and showing kindness to even the smallest of creatures. This is closely followed by modeling kindness ourselves that youngsters can emulate, particularly with regards to our communities, which will help them to broaden their views, become aware of the needs of others and not focus solely on themselves. A wonderful way in which to do this it so cultivate acts of kindness together and then discuss the feelings of warmth, gratitude and satisfaction associated with this. Teaching this gratitude is vital, and this can be reflected in the smallest of ways – being thankful for sunshine, for trees, for all of the facets of their world that bring enjoyment and benefit their lives.

At ISZN, we continuously encourage these positive traits in our students and at present this is being reflected in our Charity Food Drive. Our students have learned that even within Switzelrand, 7.5% of the population live below the poverty line – a fact that was truly surprising to some! In collaboration with Tischlein Deck Dich (, a charity organisation that collects food for families in need who are living in Switzerland, ISZN is collecting donations of canned and dried food to boost their dwindling supplies.

We hope that even these small gestures will bring out the most compassionate elements in our students and show them that true joy and satisfaction can be found in helping those less fortunate! If you would like to join us on this journey, feel free to contribute!

What: Please donate canned vegetables and/or meat, dried pasta or rice

** must have valid expiry and sealed packaging **

When: 11th – 22nd March, 8.30-9am or 3.15-3.40pm

Where: ISZN Primary School Lobby in your House Colour donation box (Points given for every donation received!)