International School Zurich North– The Destination for All-inclusive Child Education and Growth

ISZN Graduation Picture

Education has always been an important area of work in Switzerland. However, the perception of education has shifted from just studies, to complete child development. Today, parents wish to send their children to schools, which will help them grow into knowledgeable, mature, confident individuals, as well as global citizens. International School Zurich North (ISZN) provides young minds with the exposure, culture, and atmosphere they require.

A Brief Description About International School Zurich

Established in 1999, ISZN is an IB World School, which focuses on offering an international education to students. Based in Wallisellen, near Zurich, Switzerland, the school caters to students from 3 to 18 years of age.

What sets ISZN apart from other schools is its rich multicultural community. Students of over 30 nationalities study at the school, giving each child an opportunity to learn more about different cultures at one location.

ISZN is also a Cambridge Exam school. The preparation of the IGCSE Program is a two year course. Students take the exam at the end of Grade 10. The next two years, Grade 11 and 12, students are prepared for the IAS/IA Exam (Grade 11) and for the final A-Level exam, which is the entry ticket to University.

Campus and Infrastructure

The school’s infrastructure comprises two modern buildings at Industriestrasse in Wallisellen. One building is used as the primary campus, while the second is for secondary students.

Primary Campus:

The primary campus comprises classrooms for students in nursery up to Grade 5. And the Secondary Campus Grades 6 to 12. Both campus have each • 10 Classrooms • Library • Cafeteria • Group Rooms • IT Laboratory • Multipurpose Hall

The secondary Campus has additional

• Art Room • Science Labs

For sports and physical education, the students are taken to the Wallisellen public school gymnasium, and local swimming pool. The libraries comprise over 15000 titles combined. Books are available in English, German, and Mandarin. The cafeteria offers a daily hot lunch service, which is provided by a local Caterer. The freshly prepared meals are complete with bread, fruits, and vegetables.

Teaching Methodologies

The school focuses on providing all-round learning and growth for the students. As an A-level school in Zurich, ISZN follows an inquiry-based programme, which enables students to engage their curiosities, increase their knowledge, and have a positive educational experience. The classes are taught by qualified and experienced subject matter experts. Each class consists of small student groups, which allows the teachers to give equal attention to each child.

A positive atmosphere, an encouraging environment, exposure to multiple cultures, and world class education. IB school Zurich offers all this and more to children of all ages. Please visit our website for more details.