A little about me: I am from a seaside town in the North West of England and lived opposite the sea for most of my life. I spent my childhood days playing on the promenade and visiting the fairground that the town used to have. I have lived in Switzerland for ten years now and have two amazing daughters.

Favourite Book: My inner child loves all the Harry Potter books and I can easily lose myself for hours reading these over and over again. Another book that I have read and found fascinating is ‘Not Without my Daughter’ by Betty Mahmoody.

Favourite Quote: ‘Every art work is an adventure’ Carl W Röhrig.

What I love: Art, naturally. To be able to meet your favourite artist is for many a once in a life time opportunity or not even a possibility. I get to teach mine, how lucky am I? Art is a subject that offers opportunities for a vocational and academic experience, knowledge of artistic genres, styles, resources and creative thinking. It allows a student to explore a topic in depth for personal gain and growth. It is a subject that demands time, emotion and love. When art is produced, hours upon hours go into the making of the piece, the exploration, the process, the product. A piece of art is a part of one’s soul and a part of their history, to be a part of that experience and to facilitate such an experience as an educator is a driving force, a reason to teach.

Aside from Art I love being with my family more than anything else and this is followed by my love of watching the sun go down over the sea.

Why I love ISZN: ISZN is a family. Staff members work tremendously well together and each, in their own disciplines put the students first, always. I have seen them go above and beyond for their students and to be a part of such kind and hardworking team is an honour. I have been a part of ISZN since the summer of 2010 and the length of my commitment to the school shows just how special a school it is.

Life Philosophy: To enjoy, to experience, to travel and to be kind. The world is a very big place and it is there to be explored which brings valuable life experience. Most importantly, keep those that are most important to you close at all times you, take them on all your journeys: study journeys, work journeys and travel journeys. It is those people that will be there when things don’t always go the way you want them to and they will also be there when they do. This is invaluable.

Life advice for students: “Be the best that you can be in the moment that you are in”, this is my educational philosophy and a statement that guides my teaching always. It encapsulates my desire to encourage, motivate and above all nurture students in the moment that they are in. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing with your life, just be the best that you can be, in that moment that you are in.