Lower Secondary

Grades 6-8

Our Lower Secondary programme (Grades 6-8) is tailor-made by our experienced staff to build specifically on the foundational skills acquired during the PYP years. Essential inquiry and independent learning skills form the basis for the more advanced study skills that are a focus of this program. These, combined with creatively appealing and intellectually stimulating syllabus content, enable our students to be fully prepared for the rigours of the formal IGCSE and International A-Level courses.

Our students are supported every step of the way by their teachers, with communication on the Edmodo platform a primary tool to communicate homework and testing information, and to give access to relevant curriculum. This remains an essential way of ensuring that both students and parents are up to date with the latest requirements in each subject and has proven invaluable to our secondary community.

For more details on our curriculum, please follow the link below.

Click here to enter Edmodo https://www.edmodo.com/



For more information please download our curriculum content documents or email info@iszn.ch

Lower Secondary Curriculum Overview link

Curriculum Overview Documents

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ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
ISZN 20 Years Anniversay
This year ISZN celebrates its 20th anniversary...


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