More than a lunch

Food is at the heart of school life and our renowned caterer Thomas Franks is highly experienced in ensuring an outstanding service for the whole school community.

At Thomas Franks, nourishing pupils is paramount in everything they do. They ensure our pupils enjoy freshly prepared, tasty and nutritious food every day.

As part of our nutrition standards, they include a variety of proteins on the menu weekly including oily fish each week to support cognitive health, as well as a range of beans and pulses for plenty of imaginative plant-based options.

Food Allergies

Our school nurse makes sure that all staff members in the school are aware of any severe allergies a student might have to ensure that the school is a safe space throughout the whole day.

The team has undergone extensive training and possesses exceptional technical and professional skills in effectively managing allergens throughout the business.

Ensuring our children enjoy the best and safest food, is always at the forefront of our minds

Our Menus:
Week 1 menu
Week 2 menu
Week 3 menu
The teachers pay attention not only to the school curricula, but also to a balanced and positive growth of young souls.

– ISZN Parent

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