Finding a passion outside the classroom

Our varied Co-Curricular programme is designed to extend the learning beyond the classroom in a way that allows students to follow their passions and interests or to discover something new.

Emphasis is placed on social and emotional learning as students make cross-grade connections and work with different CCA leaders internally and externally in a fun and engaging environment.

Co-curricular programme



Inspiring young minds to learn and create with technology! This course is designed to introduce younger students to technology fundamentals with a series of LEGO coding & robotics projects. Students will take on different missions every day by building and programming their own LEGO robotic models.



Our boys football team meets weekly to practise their skills and develop their team spirit and competes against other international schools in Zurich on a regular basis.



During our yearly musical, our students of Primary and Secondary come together to perform a play. The musical is the perfect choice for aspiring actors and singers, but also for students who are interested in sound or light technology.



Playball is very popular amongst our Primary students. At Playball, children develop fundamental building blocks of sport, agility balance and coordination, as well as the three key elements of physical fitness - endurance, strength and flexibility.

Here is a sample of our latest offers:


Some recent artwork for our students and co-curricular activities:


Our music program is enhanced by an exceptional in-house Instrumental Music Lesson Program, which includes highly skilled teachers specialising in various disciplines, including Drums, Guitar, Piano, and Singing.

In addition, we provide enriching ensemble musical activities as Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), such as the highly anticipated annual Musical Performance and the engaging Primary Choir. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents and collaborate with others through the widely popular annual "Battle of the Bands" competition, a highly attended and celebrated event.

Besides the high academic level, the students are encouraged to collaborate, value the diversity and engage in community activities and projects.

– ISZN Parent

Join us for a Personal Tour

We warmly welcome families throughout the year, offering tailored personal tours on a day that suits you, including school holidays.

Outdoor learning

Making the most out of the world we live in


Making use of the wonderful outdoors in Switzerland plays a big role in our school year. From forest camps, to ski days and overnight hikes on glaciers, we aim to bring our students close to the environment they live in.

Wraparound Care

Early Bird Care is offered for students in Primary School from 8.10 am. After School our students can join one of our exciting co-curricular activities or have fun in our After School Care which is available for students up to Grade 5 until 6pm.

school trips

School trips are essential to our vibrant school life. Whether educational day excursions or invigorating mountain camps, these meticulously planned trips enhance students' learning experiences. They provide invaluable opportunities to broaden horizons, foster independence, and deepen understanding of the world.

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