We keep our fee structure simple and clear.

Payment of a capital fund fee is required upon registration for your first child within the school. The capital fund fee for any additional child is charged at a reduced rate.

Tuition fees are set on an annual basis and are subject to change. Payment is required half-yearly or termly in advance.

Registration Fee First child Pre-K to Grade 12 (non-refundable)CHF 3'000
Registration Fee Additional child (non-refundable)CHF 1'000
Registration Fee Little Ibex (Nursery) (non-refundable)CHF 1'000

Nursery - Little Ibex (ages 3 months to 3 years)

50 week provision. The minimum number of days per week is 2.

3 to 18 months
Fees per month (8.30am to 4pm)
Fees per month (7am to 7pm)
2 daysCHF 1’160 CHF 1’264
3 days CHF 1’740 CHF 1’896
4 days CHF 2’320 CHF 2’528
5 days CHF 2’900 CHF 3’160

19 to 36 months
Fees per month (8.30am to 4pm)
Fees per month (7am to 7pm)
2 daysCHF 1’040 CHF 1’132
3 days CHF 1’560 CHF 1’698
4 daysCHF 2’080 CHF 2’264
5 daysCHF 2’600 CHF 2’830

Pre-Kindergarten (ages 3-4)

Pre-Kindergarten Term Time (36 weeks)
Half days (9am to 1.15pm) CHF 16'570
Full days (9am to 3.20pm)CHF 23'410
Enhanced days (7.30am to 6pm)CHF 27'620

Pre-Kindergarten Year Round (50 weeks)
Enhanced days (7.30am to 6pm)CHF 32'350

KIGA 1 (ages 4-5)

KIGA 1 Term Time (36 weeks)
Full Days (9am to 3.20pm)CHF 28'350
Enhanced Days (7.30am to 6pm)CHF 32'715

KIGA 1 Year Round (50 weeks)
Enhanced Days (7.30am to 6pm)CHF 34'715

Primary School Ages 6-12

KIGA 2CHF 29'980
Grade 1 to Grade 5CHF 30,245

Secondary School Ages 12-14

Secondary School
Grade 6 to Grade 8 CHF 33'350
Grade 9 to Grade 12CHF 33'610

Other Fees:
  • After school care is offered at short notice for a fee of CHF 30 per day.

  • English as an additional language (EAL) tuition is offered at a fee of CHF 1'500 per term.

  • Lunch is offered at a fee of CHF 13 per day.

  • Discounts on the annual fees are offered for late enrolment or early withdrawal depending on the time of year. Please click on the button below to access our detailed financial regulations.

Payments can be done quarterly, semesterly or yearly.

Primary & Secondary British International School In Zurich – ISZN