In the Middle Years, we focus on the unique academic and personal needs of our students. This stage is crucial as it shapes their future character traits.

Our program provides a safe and nurturing environment for students to explore adulthood and build resilience. Through dedicated pastoral care and tailored teaching, we instil a strong work ethic, true purpose, and a love for learning, empowering students to thrive in all areas of life.


Empowering and equipping students to become effective agents of their own learning is at the forefront of our teaching approach.

Key to our success is identifying individual student strengths and challenges, and adapting our teaching practise to create a learning environment in which every student can thrive.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum creates an effective bridge between the IB Primary programme and the Secondary English National Curriculum, as well as a strong foundation for the IGCSE years. With a broad range of subjects, the curriculum is designed to develop transferrable skills that equip students for success beyond the classroom.


In Grades 6 to 8 we build on the IB Primary Years Programme by introducing the best of the English National Curriculum.

Transdisciplinary learning is enhanced by incorporating subject-specific learning objectives. Primary's focus on developing traits like problem-solving, collaboration, and reflection continues, supported by small class sizes for personalised attention.

Our creatively stimulating curriculum prepares students for the challenges of formal IGCSE and International A-Level courses.

The six principal subject areas are:
I like ISZN's pedagogy that allows a student to experiment and learn through a combination theory and practical.

– ISZN Parent

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We welcome students into our Nursery from the age of 3 and accompany them through all stages of their learning until their graduation after grade 12.


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