The ISZN Secondary campus will move to a new, but well known site in 2024.

Whilst our Primary school is on an exciting journey facing a renovation of the ground floor and first floor, our Secondary campus is about to move into a brand new campus on the third floor of the same building where our Primary campus is located already. The new campus will be home of all students from Grade 6 to Grade 12 and will comprise a bright and spacious library and working space, a state of the art science lab as well as modern classrooms. The first floor will be the heart of the school, being a shared space for staff and students from Primary and Secondary and will be the center for Performing Arts and Arts. It will also host our future cafeteria including the new parent café. We can't wait to bring the new spaces to live and fill them with our school spirit, with our values (Kindness, Respect & Resilience) being the drivers of our unique school community. The works are about to begin shortly and we will post regular updates on the construction progress in our news.

First impressions of our new campus