We discuss how embedding a culture and understanding of genuine wellbeing has become increasingly important.


In a society that embraces and then discards healthy ‘trends’ on an almost weekly basis, and where ‘#wellbeing’ more often than not involves ‘insta’ influencers perfectly posed in idyllic scenes, embedding a culture and understanding of genuine wellbeing that is living and breathing in schools, has become increasingly important.

2020 has made patently clear to us that events we deem to be unlikely, are perhaps far more likely than we may care to admit. If our students are to be empowered to succeed no matter the hurdles that life throws at them, equipping them with the tools they need to find optimal mental and physical health is paramount.

A proactive approach is fundamentally the most important aspect of wellbeing at ISZN, and the Cognita Be Well Charter forms the foundation upon which every Wellbeing action rests.

Through a number of initiatives, we aim to:


  • Embed a culture of wellbeing that is living and breathing in our school.
  • Track and evaluate wellbeing amongst our staff and students.
  • Provide high-quality resources and guidance for all members of our ISZN family.


In practise, this means a year of exciting wellbeing initiatives across both campuses to track and evaluate the wellbeing of our students and create targeted programmes that allow them to flourish. Global Be Well Day and AS Tracking, are just two such initiatives that we look forward to introducing to you as the semester progresses.


Very importantly, all members of our ISZN family will be given regular opportunities to increase their knowledge of the six elements that underpin physical and mental wellbeing, and active support as they seek to implement this knowledge in a practical way.


The first of these initiatives, Global Be Well day, will be held on the 25th of September 2020 and will officially kick off what we believe will be a fruitful year in Wellbeing at ISZN. We look forward to partnering with you as we bring our Be Well Charter to life and prioritise the physical and mental wellbeing of our ISZN community.